Evaluation Criteria For Websites - Performance (94), Accessibility (100), Best Practices (93), and SEO (91) scores for this page.

Evaluation Criteria For Websites

I’m currently researching evaluation criteria for websites. How do you evaluate websites? What are some good testing and scoring methods for evaluating the quality of websites? Please note: This article is a work in progress. It’s only 12% complete. It will be updated as I research new information. Some people consider only the aesthetics or …

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WordPress CloudFlare Notes - GTMetrix Speed Tests

WordPress Cloudflare Notes

Here are my WordPress Cloudflare notes. There’s been a lot of chatter about speeding up WordPress via Cloudflare recently, and I did some research and testing on my own. CloudFlare announced Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress on 2-Oct-2020 TTFB – Time to First Byte The biggest gain we’ve seen so far has been in TTFB …

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Spiral Aloe

Spiral Aloe Polyphylla

The spirals found in God’s creation are so amazing. The photo below, by Alex Green, reveals the mystery of the spiral aloe plant (aloe polyphylla).