Doug Vos on a trip out west - near Douglas, Wyoming
Doug Vos by road sign — near Douglas, Wyoming

Doug Vos is an author, blogger, Christian, deacon, entrepreneur, father, grandfather, husband, internet media strategist, and web developer — living in the metro Detroit area. Did you notice those Doug descriptors are in alphabetic order? Read more about Doug

Doug Vos - A photo collage from the 'Too Much Doug' photo gallery.
Photos from the Too Much Doug gallery.

Social Media

Follow Doug on Alignable, Facebook, Flickr, Gab, GitHub, Instagram, LinkedIn, MeWe, Mix, NextDoor, Nuzzle, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Unsplash, and YouTube. There’s not much happening on some of these social links, but they do provide some interesting biographical and historical information.

Vos Family History Highlights

The photos below provide a brief review of some family history (left to right, and top to bottom): Doug and Jane during college days; a colorfully retouched image from the wedding; four generations of Vos men. A happy photo of Doug and Jane Vos from the ‘middle years’. Doug and Jane’s 32nd wedding anniversary, and a 2018 photo (black and white) of Doug and Jane with most of their children and grandchildren.

Doug Vos and Jane college days and wedding.  4 generations of Vos men, Doug, Daniel, Clarence, and John
The verse on the wall in the wedding photo reads: “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” Psalm 127:1
Doug Vos 2018 family reunion photo -- Jane promised everyone ice cream if they would cooperate.
Jane promised everyone ice cream — in exchange for their cooperation during the ‘Doug Vos 2018 Family Reunion’ photo shoot. Credit: Meghan Endahl

Recent Blog Posts

Doug’s 6 most recent blog posts appear below. Visit the blog section to see all the other posts.

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Joy to the World

Joy To The World

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Finding Joy

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