There Was A Beginning

Stephen C. Meyer is a geophysicist and author of New York Times bestseller, “Darwin’s Doubt.” Despite not being a Christian himself, after years of scientific study, Meyer came to the conclusion that there simply must be an intelligent designer behind our creation.

‘There Was a Beginning’: Famous Geophysicist Explains Why Christian Creation Theory Makes Sense

David Klinghoffer said: Ben Shapiro May Have Done the Best Interview with Stephen Meyer

“Why might it be the best? Partly because of the long video format — a full hour (with a provocative final question for Steve that you need to subscribe to The Daily Wire to see), and very well produced. Partly because Shapiro has done his homework. He knows the common challenges to intelligent design and poses them very articulately, and he’s obviously absorbed Meyer’s books, especially Darwin’s Doubt and Signature in the Cell, as well other material on ID.”