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Free Images

How to find high quality free images for your blog or website. There are many sources of free images that can be used to spice…
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Smart Pig Art

I discovered some smart pig art while looking for sources of free images recently. This pig is not just smart — he’s positively precocious. These…
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Joy to the World

Joy To The World

I hope you are finding joy this Christmas. Joy to the World is one of my favorite Christmas songs. The song was written in 1719…
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Finding Joy

I hope you are finding joy in life. Finding joy is different than finding happiness. We sometimes view words like blessing, contentment, happiness, joy, pleasure…
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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Congratulations! You are alive. Your heart is beating. You are still breathing and able to read or listen to this message. Perhaps today…
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There Was A Beginning

There was a beginning. Ben Shapiro interviewed Stephen C. Meyer to discuss what happened at the beginning. Stephen C. Meyer is a geophysicist and author…
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Finding Happiness

“Imagine a world where the goal is finding happiness.” This is the final line in a movie trailer for ‘Finding Happiness’. But is the goal…
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