Smart Pig Art

I discovered some smart pig art while looking for sources of free images recently. This pig is not just smart — he’s positively precocious. These colorful pig illustrations are from an old children’s book entitled ‘Precocious Piggy’ by Thomas Hood (1799-1845). The handsomely attired pigs were drawn by Tom Hood (1835-1874) – the author’s son. …

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Joy to the World

Joy To The World

I hope you are finding joy this Christmas. Joy to the World is one of my favorite Christmas songs. The song was written in 1719 by Isaac Watts, based on several verses from Psalm 98. It’s one of the most published Christmas carols in North America. It’s been recorded by dozens of choirs and music …

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Finding Joy

I hope you are finding joy in life. Finding joy is different than finding happiness. We sometimes view words like blessing, contentment, happiness, joy, pleasure and satisfaction as synonyms. However, my experience of joy dives deeper into the unfathomable riches of God’s grace and goodness in my life. Happiness is random and circumstantial. Joy is …

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Congratulations! You are alive. Your heart is beating. You are still breathing and able to read or listen to this message. Perhaps today is your birthday, or the birthday of someone you love. What ever the case, I hope and pray that your next year of life is filled with blessings, joy and …

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There Was A Beginning

There was a beginning. Ben Shapiro interviewed Stephen C. Meyer to discuss what happened at the beginning. Stephen C. Meyer is a geophysicist and author of New York Times bestseller, “Darwin’s Doubt.” Despite not being a Christian himself, after years of scientific study, Meyer came to the conclusion that there simply must be an intelligent …

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The Arab Mind

The Arab Mind, by Raphael Patai, is one of the most interesting books in my personal collection of books about Arabs and Arabic language. I acquired this book in 1978 before traveling to the Middle East with a group of college students. The Arab Mind was among a dozen or so books that were required …

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Why should you listen to Vivaldi's Four Seasons?

Vivaldi Four Seasons Music Notes

My doodles: Vivaldi Four Seasons Music Notes… Why should you listen to Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons? COVID19 and the Four Seasons of 2020 No matter what, spring will follow winter. Michael Francis of the Florida Orchestra explains the boundless optimism of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons in this video. “Some pieces are bigger than classical music! …

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